Winn Grips

Winn Grips

Unique Winn Grips Benefits

What makes Winn Grips the best grips in golf?

It begins with using Polymer grip technology. As the pioneer of polymer grips, Winn invented multiple polymer compounds that are tackier, more shock absorbing, and more comfortable than traditional rubber. These polymers are uniquely formulated to achieve a wide spectrum of firmnesses, textures and weights to suit any type of golfer.

65% More Shock Absorption Than Rubber

  • Produces significantly less stress on the hands and body to reduce injury
  • Allows arthritic and hand fatigue sufferers to continue to enjoy the game

40% More Slip-Resistant Than Rubber

  • Requires less grip pressure to hold onto the club
  • Promotes a smoother, tension-free swing for better results

The Ideal Grip for Latex Allergies

  • Gripping area is polymer instead of rubber (EXCEPT DURATECH GRIPS)

Unsurpassed Technology – WinnDry & WinnLite

WinnDry Technology delivers true all-weather playability to polymer grips. This breakthrough technology reconfigures pores within the polymer material to dissipate moisture quickly and keep your grip tacky in any weather.

WinnLite Technology utilizes a lightweight compressed EVA foam underlisting to reduce overall club weight by up to 25 grams, resulting in faster swing speeds, improved clubhead feel and greater distance.

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