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Unmatched Accuracy Begins With High-Precision, Ground-Corrected Course Maps — Only From SkyCaddie!


No Tour Player uses yardage books derived from satellite images or flyovers. Neither should you. Other GPS rangefinders use second and third generation maps derived from third-party aerial imagery known to contain errors.

SkyGolf  takes no such shortcuts when it comes to your game. Only SkyGolf walks every course with professional-grade survey equipment to create original course maps, accurate within 1 yard. SkyGolf provides the most complete, most reliable and most precise course maps in the game. You can trust your SkyCaddie, just like Tour Players trust their caddie. SkyCaddie is the “Closest Thing to the Real Thing!T”



SkyCaddie’s Sport Series of products use CGT (Core Golfer Technology)   technology to provide a more economical distance solution by substituting conventional GPS technology found in competitive devices in lieu of SkyCaddie’s unmatched, but more costly, TruePoint Positioning Technology. Accuracy and reliability remain superior to other brands by combining conventional GPS with SkyCaddie’s proprietary, high-precision, ground-corrected course maps to eliminate errors known to be inherent in maps provided by others. So, when it comes to distance, nothing beats a SkyCaddie, unless it’s another SkyCaddie... trusted by more serious golfers than all other rangefinders combined.


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