Scotty Cameron GoLo S5 Center Shaft Putter

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Scotty Cameron GoLo S5 Center Shaft Putter

Straight doesn't have to be narrow. Open your mind to the Scotty Cameron GoLo s5. The “s” means straight, as in a straight shaft. Could just as well mean straighter putts. Without offset, the player, putter and ball interact in pure symmetry. Everything in its place—visually, technically, kinetically. The compact, mid-mallet with a single sleek black sight line guides the way. The perfectly weighted head with its racing-inspired sole plate design melds seamlessly with the stepless shaft for a feel that is without peer. The red Pistolero fits in-hand like it was form-fitted to your personal grip. It’s Tour-validated, performance-proven design made straight for these times.

Scotty Cameron GoLo S5 Specs:

loft: 3.5º

lie: 70º

length 33", 34", 35"

head material: 303 Stainless Steel

offset: None

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