Polara XDS Distance Spin Golf Ball

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Polara XDS Distance Spin Golf Ball

Hitting the fairway has not been easier. The Polara XDS Extra Distance is a 3 Piece golf ball made for max control around the green, with max distance on and off the tee. Featuring Polara's 50% self correcting technology these balls will improve your Fairways hit off the tee.

Contents: 12 Polara Golf Balls
• Recommended Driver Loft: Any Standard Loft
• Construction: 3-piece
• Ball Diameter: 1.682 inches
• Ball Weight: 46.0 grams
• Core Material: Soft Resilient Polybutadiene
• Core Diameter: 1.480 inches
• Boundry Layer Material: DuPont HPF™
• Boundry Layer Thickness: 0.050 inches
• Cover Material: Ionomer
• Cover Material Thickness: 0.051 inches
• Cover Material Hardness: 60 Shore D
• Number of Dimples: 336
• Ball Flight Characteristics: 50% Self-Correcting Technology


How to use the Polara XDS Distance Spin Golf Ball:

Polara self correcting golf ballSet the ball on the tee with the arrow pointing toward your target (Fairway) And let it rip!


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