Goose Golf Towel

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Goose Golf Towel

The Goose Towel was designed with the professional in mind but intended for the recreational player. Many recreational players spend significant dollars on clubs and balls. The Goose Towel will ensure that you are getting maximum shot making performance from your golf equipment investment; and at a fraction of the cost spent on clubs and balls. Whether you are a casual player or a serious golf enthusiast maintaining clean clubs for every golf shot will help you get the best possible result and improve your game playing experience.

Water Repellant Technology
The manufacturing process prevents moisture from seeping into the exterior cotton layers of the Goose Towel and Putting-Mate. Between the cotton and microfiber layer is a thin layer tissue that is 100% waterproof. This complex manufacturing process is what makes the Goose Towel and Putting-Mate most useful when you really need it – under wet and rainy conditions.

Putts account for 50% of shots in regulation. And that’s why Goose Golf Solutions designed the Putting-Mate. It’s a “mini- version” of the Goose Towel. The Putting- Mate is designed to clean and dry your golf ball when you are on the green and help make you a better putter. How? You will have the assurance of having putt a clean golf ball. The absence of dirt will ensure that you achieve the desired roll and speed, and maintain your intended line.


  • Hi-tech 3-layer design, 6-layer construction and “pocket design” allows for ease of use and ultimate protection in adverse conditions
  • Water Repellent Technology layer
  • Microfiber interior layer for deep clean and polishing results
  • High-quality construction, and structural stitching for added durability
  • Reversible function
  • Goose Velcro design serves as a handy golf glove holder
  • Carabineer provides flexible hanging options and easy removal
  • Magnetic ball marker holder and ball marker included with Putting-Mate

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