Yes! Callie-12 White Putter

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Yes! Callie-12 White Putter

Yes! Callie-12 White Putter is a classic, heel-toe weighted blade design that’s an all-time favorite head shape of most golfers. The plumber neck offsets the head from the shaft for better alignment and weight distribution. The moderate 45º toe hang combined with the plumber neck gives you the best of both worlds so you can feel the weight of the head, yet its offset gives you better stability through impact.

Stroke Profile
For players with a slight arc path. The stroke profile of a majority of golfers.

Head Weight: 342 grams
Hosel/Shaft: Plumber Neck
Moderate Toe Hang
Heel/Toe Weighting

Loft: 3º
Lie: 70º
Length Options: 32”-36”
Hand: RH/LH - Satin, RH/LH - White, RH – Women’s

Custom Options
Loft: ± 2º
Lie: ± 3

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