Adams Golf 2014 XTD Ti-Hybrid

  • Brand: Adams
  • Condition: NEW with Factory Headcover
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Adams Golf 2014 XTD Ti-Hybrid

New Cut-Thru slots and titanium brazing make the 2014 XTD Hybrid's club faces so fast we needed to slow them down. In the world of product R&D, the 2014 XTD Hybrid stands for eXtra Time and Dollars. Our engineers spend extra time to create the very best products we can possibly make without regard for extra costs. Adams First hybrid with progressive face thickness creating 29% more speed for off center hits.

The 2014 XTD Hybrid is made from the best performing materials, utilize the most technology available regardless of costs, and are subject to the tightest manufacturing processes. In short, these are the best clubs we've ever made.
—Justin Honea, Sr. Dir. of R&D

Adams 2014 XTD Hybrid Specifications:

adams 2014 XTD Hybrid specifications


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