WinnPro X 1.18" Putter Grip

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WinnPro X 1.18" Putter Grip

The WinnPro X 1.18" Putter Grip uses a less tapered grip profile, which helps eliminate right movement while putting. Still delivering a comfortable and tacky feel you expect from Winn, the WinnPro X is sure to gain confidence in the bag.

WinnPro X Putter grip features:

Extended Non-Tapered Profile Eliminates wrist movement during the putting stroke Stabilizes putting stroke for more consistency & made putts
WinnLite Technology Offers oversize grip benefits without losing clubhead feel. More "feel" in the clubhead for a more consistent stroke

WinnPro X 1.18" Specifications:

  • Diameter:  1.18"
  • Grip Style:  Paddle
  • Weight:  54 grams
  • Core Size:  0.590"
  • Length:  294mm
  • Firmness:  Medium
  • Winn Material:  Excel

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