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The Mizuno Brand
The Mizuno brand began in 1906, in Osaka, Japan, where the Mizuno brothers, Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno, formed their company. The duo originally sold a variety of western themed items such as baseballs and various types of athletic wear. Seven years later, they branched out, and began to make and sell baseball gloves. By 1933, the company had created the first ever Japanese made golf clubs, which they called the Star Line, and within two years, Mizuno's golf club showroom was the largest in the world.   The Mizuno brothers eventually expanded their golf club manufacturing centers outs..
FootJoy Golf Shoe Fit Guide
FootJoy’s famous reputation for fit and comfort has been proven through many years of meticulous craftsmanship and strict standards. SHOP FOOTJOY FOOTJOY SHOE FITTING VIDEO Fit Tips In an effort to offer the best possible fit, please consider the following tips: Determine your size and width using a Brannock Device®. The Brannock Device has been the shoe fitting standard for over 70 years. Generally, most on or off course shops have one of these in the shoe department. This device measures heel to toe length, arch length, and width. It is best to have a shop associate help you wit..
How to Practice at the Driving Range
The game of golf can be fun, relaxing, frustrating, all rolled into on great package. One main key that many golfers seem to neglect is the power of practice. Beginners to advanced players can benefit from hitting the driving range at least once a week. Making the time to complete this can be the hardest part, but making the effort to get out a tweak your game can make the difference of many strokes on the golf course. Below you will find a few small hints and tips to make the most out of your practice at the driving range. The wrong way to practice: You arrive at the driving range and wast..
3 PGA Players That Use Titleist Golf Clubs
PGA tour season is in its final swing, and golfers have stayed in style, and on top of rankings lists, by using some of the best equipment available – but one brand in particular that has continued to hold an unrivaled presence in the bags of pro players in golf is Titleist. Titleist clubs have been used by many players throughout its 100-year existence, but 3 players have been incredibly successful while using Titleist golf clubs:   Rory McIlroy   McIlroy, who recently won the British Open, had been a representative of the Titleist brand since he turned professional. Usi..
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